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Women Lawyers Face Double Whammy

Women lawyers often have the added challenge of balancing significant responsibilities at home in addition to those at work. As the saying goes, “Law is a jealous mistress.” The profession is demanding of all of its participants, but the burden seems especially heavy for women lawyers. In 1989, for the first time, the plight of…
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Status of Women and Minority Lawyers

The dramatic increase of women and minorities entering the legal profession over time has not translated into commensurate increases in their power and influence. Female and minority attorneys don’t make equity partner or reach the higher echelons in proportionate numbers as compared to their white male counterparts. Although women have specific issues related to their…
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Lawyer Diversity 2013

One of the many dramatic changes in the legal profession beginning in the mid-1970s was the growing number of women, minorities (African-American, Asian/Pacific Islander, American Indian, Hispanic, and multi-cultural), and others with diverse backgrounds entering the practice of law. In addition, along with growing awareness in society as a whole, more LGBT and lawyers with…
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