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The Delicate Art of Declining a Job Offer

Declining a job offer can be anxiety producing. You might feel guilt or fear anticipating the prospective employer’s disappointment, frustration and—possibly—annoyance. Your refusal is the final chapter of the interviewing process with that prospective employer and you want your last impression to be as positive as your first obviously was with them. The legal marketplace…
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Secondment; si-kond-muhnt Noun, British, The transfer of a military officer or corporate executive to another post for temporary duty In the legal marketplace, secondment is the loan by a law firm of one of their lawyers to a corporate entity in need of in-house expertise on a limited basis. The law department may need an…
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Marketing Your LLM

American law schools offer an increasing variety of advanced legal degree programs. Historically, an LLM in tax was—and still is—valued and specifically sought by employers in the market for new and lateral attorneys in tax, estate planning, and related positions. Rarely, if ever, do employers ask for candidates with an LLM in another specialty. Employers…
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Can You Go Home Again?

In the past, once a lawyer went in-house, there was virtually no going back to the law firm environment. That’s no longer the case. Law firm employers realize that in-house attorneys often have credentials, sophistication, practice experience, and demanding work schedules similar to those the firms require. Corporate counsels often bring valuable connections, business insight,…
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