Partner Placement

Partner Placement

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SeltzerFontaine has over 25 years of experience helping partners and practice groups maximize their potential by seeking new law firm affiliations.

We are on the short list of preferred recruiters of virtually every premier law firm with offices in California. Our clients include global, national, regional, and local law firms from the international giants to select boutiques. We communicate directly with law firm leaders and decision makers; thus, we understand their growth strategies, what they seek in terms of lateral partner candidates and practices, and what will spark their interests for an “opportunistic” hire.

Click the link below for some of the high-level partner searches we currently are engaged to fill. But, don’t forget, we have access to many more hidden partner and practice group opportunities which comprise the vast majority of the lateral partner market.

See Candidate Services below for the specialized array of services we offer our lateral partner candidates. Don’t make a move before talking to us!

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The LPQ: What law firms want to know about lateral candidates. Beyond assessing practice and cultural fit, law firms gather relevant data to verify your book of business, avoid client conflicts, and manage risks. Click here for details on what information prospective law firm employers expect you to provide during the interview and vetting process, and to download our sample form.


The LFQ: What lateral candidates want to know about law firms. Just as firms request information from prospective laterals in an LPQ, partner candidates also should ask questions of the firms they are considering. Click here for our advice on what to ask and how to conduct your own due diligence in order to make an informed decision, and to download our sample form.


We advise senior candidates regarding search strategies, practice evaluation, competitive platform assessment, market dynamics, and individual law firm business practices and economic posture. We can assist you with drafting your business plan, completing LPQs, gathering “inside intelligence”, evaluating offers, and negotiating all aspects of your compensation package.

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