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How to Identify, Hire, and Develop Star Rainmakers

The skills that make a great rainmaker are not necessarily the same skills that make a great law firm associate. In the first few years, associates are valued for traits similar to those that brought success in law school—the ability to learn quickly and produce massive quantities of quality work. Suddenly, a few years later…
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Transitioning to Partner

Towards the end of the calendar year most law firms announce the elevation of their new partnership classes. Although the demand for legal services picked up somewhat since the end of the recession, especially in transactional areas of practice, firms remain conservative in their partnership decisions. What does it really mean to become a partner? …
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New Definitions of Partnership

The typical lawyer’s career track changed dramatically about 25 years ago. Until then, it was usual for a lawyer to join a firm upon graduation from law school, work hard as an associate for five to seven years, and then, in most cases, become an equity partner, staying until retirement or death. In the late…
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The Right Stuff

Do you have the right stuff to make partner? At the top firms, studies show that associates who join right out of law school have a 10% chance of making partner at their firm; lateral associates have a 17% chance. Nearly ¾ of all associates leave the first firm they join after law school graduation,…
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