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New Bar Exam Shorter but Not Easier

With the adoption of the UBE, or Unified Bar Exam, the test in many U.S. jurisdictions is shorter but, most likely, not any easier. Even California, which didn’t adopt the UBE, reduced the test from three days to two as of July 2017. By reputation, California and New York vie for the toughest Bar Exams…
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Tech Coast v. Silicon Valley

Attorneys serving high-technology industry clients may soon find as much or even more opportunity in Southern California as now exists in the Bay Area. The Southland now rivals Northern California's Silicon Valley in the number of technology jobs including electronics, computer hardware and software, aerospace, telecommunications, biotechnology, and new media. And now, Southern California is…
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California Livin’

There is more to California than Hollywood, Disneyland, and the beach. If you are considering relocating to the Golden State, the following is a thumbnail sketch of the economy, demographics, environment, culture, and lifestyle. Economy California came out of the recession later than the rest of the country, but now is going strong. The state's…
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