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Survivor: The Law Version

Want to win Survivor: The Law Version? In this slow economy, associates at all levels of seniority, and even some partners, may question their ability to survive the cost-cutting measures—including layoffs, salary freezes or reductions, and rescissions of offers or indefinite delays in start dates for new hires—hitting even some of the most prestigious law…
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Making the Most of These Slow Times

Now that you are not working night and day to keep up with the business crossing your desk, what should you be doing to make the most of these slow times? Besides catching up on your sleep and getting reacquainted with family and friends, there are specific steps you can take to position yourself to…
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During the course of your career, you may contemplate switching practice areas-either by choice or necessity. Some attorneys discover that the area of practice they chose, or fell into, after law school, is not right for them. Others find that the economy or political or technological developments necessitate a practice change. The ease or difficulty…
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