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Competing for Diverse Talent

As corporate clients more often consider the diversity and inclusion policies of law firms when selecting counsel to represent them, competition to recruit minority talent is fierce. To satisfy their desire for outside counsel that meet their desired diversity and inclusion goals, general counsel expand their searches to include smaller, local, and regional firms. Specifically,…
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Show Me the Money!

Money shouldn’t be the primary motive for a career move, but it’s an important factor. In a down market, lawyers have little bargaining power; but in good times, law firms compete financially for the best and the brightest. Historically, elite New York law firms led the pack in associate salary increases, and other firms struggled…
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Merger Mania and Megafirms

Consolidation of the legal market heated up over the past 10-15 years as law firms look to mergers as a strategy for growth. The push to merge or acquire is fueled by the breakup of financially weaker firms and by partners who believe their clients are better served by a larger platform.  Most of the…
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