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The In-house Interview

Because the ideal in-house candidate differs from the ideal law firm candidate, the interview differs, as well.  Candidates must take these differences into consideration to make a successful leap in-house from the law firm environment.   Preparation Preparation is essential for any job interview. Before interviewing for an in-house legal position, candidates should study the…
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Taking Your Show on the Road: Out of Town Interviews

Searching for a new job sometimes means taking your “show” in the road for an out of town interview. Given the national and global reach of many law firms and corporations, even if you’re seeking a position locally, you may need to meet key players in the organization’s far flung offices. The interview itself is…
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Tell a Consistent Story

To conduct a successful job search, you need to tell a consistent story in your resume and cover letter, and continue the theme throughout the interview process. Just as a narrative hook grabs readers’ attention at the beginning of a story and draws them in so they continue reading, in a job search, you need…
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Nobody’s Perfect

One of the most dreaded interview questions is “What are your weaknesses?” No matter how qualified you are, you can’t get away with saying that you have none.  If things are going well up to this point and you’ve established a strong rapport with the interviewer, you can try some humor and say, “Isn’t this…
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