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Reality Check: Just How “Hot” Are You?

Regardless of the state of the economy and relative demand for lawyers, top firms are very particular regarding whom they hire. They seek candidates with expertise in specific areas of practice and have high standards regarding academics, law firm training, and personal qualities. Relevant experience is the number one qualification. Candidates may argue that a…
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Success Factors and Moneyball: Reassessing Hiring Criteria

The Great Recession sparked radical changes in the legal marketplace, including drastically reduced entry-level and junior associate hiring and the rise of core competency systems for their evaluation, compensation, and advancement. As part of this trend, there is a movement to reevaluate traditional criteria for hiring lawyers at all levels of seniority and possibly to…
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No More Lockstep Lateral Hiring

It’s not when you graduated, but what you know. Most law firms, unlike other businesses, categorize associates by JD graduation year rather than level of expertise for purposes of hiring, compensation and promotion.  Until recently, the lockstep model made some sense, assuming that associates who enter law practice at the same time gain like experience…
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Writing A Business Plan

In this very competitive legal marketplace where law firms increasingly are run like businesses, lawyers need to have a plan. When experienced attorneys wish to find new employment opportunities in private practice, one of the first things a prospective employer inquires about is that attorney's client base. How much business will move with that lawyer?…
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