I was a candidate that Valerie had identified for a publicly traded client's General Counsel position. Although the position was not of significant interest to me, I was extremely impressed with Valerie's professionalism and knowledge. Moreover, in my working with various executive recruiters in the legal profession during the course of my career,I can with great confidence state that Valerie ranks as one of the best, always cognizant of the candidates' interests as it relates to the search she is seeking to fill.

With her demonstration of her expertise illustrated by her outstanding book,a must read for the fledgling young lawyer,Valerie also possesses a wonderful demeanor, affable to a fault, and a sense of style and storytelling that makes interaction with her enjoyable and fun.

I heartily recommend Valerie based upon her deep understanding of the legal profession, her unique assessment of the client's needs and those of potential candidates and her direct, yet gracious, personal style. Suffice to say, she won't waste your time and it will be time well spent with her if you're offered that pleasure.

Randolph L. Tom, Senior Advisor to Start-Up Management, Investors and Public Company Board Members