No longer do lawyers join a law firm and remain through retirement. Because career change is so common, and so vital for lawyers to move up the career ladder, a book like this [The Right Moves: Job Search and Career Development Strategies for Lawyers] is particularly useful.
As a legal recruiter, the author gives authoritative and critical advice about how attorneys can update resumes, prepare for interviews, network effectively and the like. She even offers practical tips, like what not to wear during an interview via videoconference.
I particularly appreciated how the author discusses globalization's impact on the legal business: the expansion of US law firms overseas, outsourcing and offshoring. These are very important trends, and US-based attorneys need to understand them in order to formulate a responsive personal career plan, i.e. making themselves so marketable that they will be highly desirable employees regardless.
I'm going to recommend this book tomorrow when I lead a teleclass on career change for lawyers in a global economy. See Amazon review here.

Janet H. Moore, Amazon Reviewer