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Happy Holiday Job Hunting!

Although it seems counter-intuitive to job hunt during the holiday season, it’s a great time to step up your efforts while your competition is taking a break. Legal employers begin interviewing candidates in the fourth quarter to fill openings anticipated in the new year. You can take advantage of this time to position yourself ahead…
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The Virtual Interview

Prospective employers constantly look for ways to save time and money in the recruitment process while ensuring they hire the best possible candidate; hence, the popularity of telephone and videoconference interviews, especially at the screening stage. Skype and other online chat services offer another option for reducing recruitment costs. Law firm and corporate recruiters may…
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Your “Me File” is a Career Essential

When it comes to advancing your career, it helps to be self-centered. To survive slow economic times or thrive in good ones, you must demonstrate your value to your organization’s bottom line. It is your responsibility to document your work; you can’t expect others to remember and recognize all that you do. An essential career…
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Your Personal Career Plan

Creating a personal career plan will allow you to set a course that matches your specific desires, values, skills and interests. It also can assist you in aligning your goals with those of your firm. It gives you a blueprint against which you can measure your progress and, with regular review, it can keep you…
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