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Marketing Your LLM

American law schools offer an increasing variety of advanced legal degree programs. Historically, an LLM in tax was—and still is—valued and specifically sought by employers in the market for new and lateral attorneys in tax, estate planning, and related positions. Rarely, if ever, do employers ask for candidates with an LLM in another specialty. Employers…
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Less is More: 12 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Much is written about what goes onto a winning résumé. Equally important, however, is what to leave off of your résumé. Because you have very limited space to make the maximum impact, don’t waste valuable real estate with unnecessary information. Objective. It’s assumed you’re applying for an attorney position, so you don’t need to craft…
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It’s A Small World: Globalization

As technology breaks down barriers of time and distance, and with business going global, law firms are expanding internationally, as well. More than half of 2012 AmLaw100 firms now spread across three or more continents. Between 1992 and 2012, the number of overseas offices of National Law Journal’s top 250 firms increased more than two…
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