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Turn Anxiety into Excitement for Interview Success

Are you nervous about your upcoming job interview? Don’t try to calm down. Get excited instead. Much has been written about how to banish pre-interview jitters, but a better strategy is to use that energy to enhance your chances of success. Reframe your feelings The trick is “anxiety reappraisal,” as described in a March 23,…
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Taking a Hiatus from Law Practice? Keep Your Options Open

You may, at some point, decide to take a break from law practice for any number of reasons such as to raise children, care for sick family members, pursue more education, try another business, teach, write, run for office, or travel the world. When you leave, you may hope you never return. But life happens…
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California Legal Market Update: Not So Golden

All that glitters is not gold when it comes to California’s job outlook for new lawyers. ABA data shows that the Golden State's law schools have a tougher time placing graduates in law jobs than their counterparts in other states. Dismal employment rates Employment rates vary significantly among California's many law schools. Top-ranked institutions, such…
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Tell a Consistent Story

To conduct a successful job search, you need to tell a consistent story in your resume and cover letter, and continue the theme throughout the interview process. Just as a narrative hook grabs readers’ attention at the beginning of a story and draws them in so they continue reading, in a job search, you need…
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