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Where Do I look for In-House Job Leads?

Just as with most career transitions in any market sector, a large percentage of in-house lawyer moves are accomplished through networking and personal referrals. While in-house hopefuls should actively network, they should not overlook other sources for possible job leads.   Outside Counsel  General counsel typically hire other in-house lawyers in the same industry whom…
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Secondment; si-kond-muhnt Noun, British, The transfer of a military officer or corporate executive to another post for temporary duty In the legal marketplace, secondment is the loan by a law firm of one of their lawyers to a corporate entity in need of in-house expertise on a limited basis. The law department may need an…
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The In-house Interview

Because the ideal in-house candidate differs from the ideal law firm candidate, the interview differs, as well.  Candidates must take these differences into consideration to make a successful leap in-house from the law firm environment.   Preparation Preparation is essential for any job interview. Before interviewing for an in-house legal position, candidates should study the…
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The Ideal In-House Candidate

The ideal candidate for an in-house legal department is somewhat different than for a law firm. Although good legal skills are mandatory, a successful in-house lawyer possesses additional business and soft skills not necessarily required for advancement in private practice.   Seniority In-house legal departments usually seek candidates who possess several years of solid law…
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