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So Long, Farewell, to You and You and You

Leaving your current law firm or legal department, like the lyrics to “So Long, Farewell” from “Sound of Music”, means bidding adieu to many people.  Although you may wish to give notice only once and get it over with, you need to apprise all appropriate parties and in the right order.  Meanwhile, keep any hint…
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Two Weeks’ Notice: Enough or Too Much?

The conventional wisdom calling for two weeks’ notice before leaving a job does not always hold true for attorneys. If you are a law firm partner, you may have signed an agreement calling for much longer notice; conversely, you may be ushered out the door immediately. For all attorneys from associate to partner, client interests…
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Making a Graceful Exit

So, you've just accepted the job offer of your dreams. What now? How best to make the transition from your current employment to your new venture? Our bottom line advice: DON'T BURN ANY BRIDGES! First of all, if you have an employment contract or partnership agreement, refresh your recollection regarding notice requirements (e.g., how long,…
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