9 Rainmaking Tips for Turning a Drizzle into El Nino

9 Rainmaking Tips for Turning a Drizzle into El Nino

OK, El Nino might be an exaggeration, but a lawyer can dream.  Rainmaking does not mean you have to go far outside your comfort zone; rather, you only need to be the best version of yourself.

1.    Be nice to everyone you meet.  You never know who is related to whom or knows someone who will need your services at some point in the future. Talk to people and let them know what you do, and be enthusiastic about it.  They will remember you in a positive light.

2.   Be service minded and ask for the business.  Figure out how you can help others achieve their goals and let them know you are there to help. If you don’t ask, the answer is “no”.  Although it’s obvious to you, often people don’t realize you are available and want to help them unless you let them know.

3.   Don’t fear rejection.  In most cases, it isn’t personal.  Rainmaking is a numbers game; the more you ask, the more likely it is you will get a positive response.  Every “no” is one step closer to a “yes”.

4.    Get over it.  Don’t dwell on the disappointment.  Give yourself permission to pout or vent to a close friend—briefly—if you feel like it.  But, put a smile back on your face and move on.  Time is a wasting!

5.   Keep in touch with your contacts, even if you were not chosen this time.  A friendly occasional reminder that you exist and are happily doing what you do will keep you top of mind should another opportunity arise.  They might give you business next time or refer another prospective client your way in the future.

6.  Share. A good way to keep in touch is to add value.  Refer business; make introductions; pass along information; and let your contacts know about or invite them to events that might interest them.

7.  Do what you love and don’t waste time on people and activities you don’t enjoy. Enthusiasm is contagious and a magnet. If you’re not having fun, the prospective clients aren’t having fun, so why would they want to deal with you?  Unless you are by far the best and only person available to do what they need done, they will go elsewhere.  Also, doing things you enjoy will make it more likely that you will keep getting out there to meet people.

8.  Do more than just show up.  Get active and let people know you are there in a positive way.  Contribute, participate, and persist. The more often you attend organizations and activities with the same people, the more likely they will get to know you.  People want to do business with people they know and like.

9.  Say “Thank you” to everyone you work with.  A great way to let the world know about your successes is to publicly acknowledge everyone who helped you achieve the victory. You are illuminated by their reflected glory. This allows you to toot your own horn without being a blowhard.


To make rain, you don’t need to develop a whole new persona.  You just need to live your everyday life with a smile on your face and business development in mind.

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