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  • What is ESG?

    ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, three central factors measuring the sustainability and societal impact of an investment, company, or business. It is not a new investment strategy but, with the racial and political unrest sparked by the events of 2020 and the worsening climate crisis, more companies realize the benefits of…

  • Seven Things Employers Should NOT Do in a Zoom Interview

    Originally posted on In the good old days (12 months ago), when lawyers interviewed for jobs, they dressed up in suits, maybe flew across the country, met with numerous people – sometimes sequentially and sometimes together – shook hands, ate a meal, and had a glass of wine. In…

  • What’s your sign?

    Can employers legally discriminate based on astrological signs? In his June 2020 dissent in Bostock v Clayton County, Georgia, which extended workplace antidiscrimination protections to LGBT employees, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito mentioned astrology as a possible hiring criterion. He wrote, “Even idiosyncratic criteria are permitted; if an employer thinks…

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