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  • Beyond the Pedigree

    Is the hot job market finally forcing law firms to look beyond the pedigree? The legal profession is experiencing the hottest job market in years. After putting a temporary hiring freeze on lawyers at the onset of the pandemic, law firms are trying to catch up. Business is booming and,…

  • 12 Steps to Being Your Own Hero in Your Career

    “The Cavalry Isn’t Coming.” Those words caught my attention when uttered by a panelist during one of the innumerable Zoom programs I attended while working from home during the pandemic. Her message was that, unlike in the classic Western where the Cavalry swoops in to save the day, when it…

  • The Job Change Roller Coaster

    Hang on! Leaving one job for another can bring up a roller-coaster of emotions. You are excited about your new, promising opportunity, but it’s also scary and unfamiliar. So, as you embark on the job search process, expect both highs and lows, and embrace them as part of the journey. The…

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