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7 Reasons Legal Employers Choose SeltzerFontaine to Find Lateral Lawyers

SeltzerFontaine offers a highly experienced team of consultants focusing exclusively on the recruitment and placement of top quality lawyers with premier legal employers. We know the legal market: Our network of connections in the legal market is broad, deep, and longstanding, efficiently allowing us to find the right candidates with the background you seek.  We…
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2012 Mid-Year California Hiring Outlook

The legal job market is a moving target.  Various areas of practice heat up or cool down depending upon a variety of factors including the economy in general, changes in the law (or judicial interpretation), and the growth or decline of industry in particular geographic areas.  So, what areas of practice are hot right now,…
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Telephone Interview Techniques

Telephone interviews often are a make-or-break situation and must be taken as seriously as an in-person interview. They usually are used by prospective employers to screen candidates to determine whether or not to spend the time and money for a face-to-face interview. Phone interviews can be especially useful in situations where the candidate lives in…
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