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California Legal Market Update: Not So Golden

All that glitters is not gold when it comes to California’s job outlook for new lawyers. ABA data shows that the Golden State's law schools have a tougher time placing graduates in law jobs than their counterparts in other states. Dismal employment rates Employment rates vary significantly among California's many law schools. Top-ranked institutions, such…
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What’s Hot in 2016?

New Year career planning includes an analysis of how your practice did last year and what you expect in the year to come. Look not only at the clients and matters you’re handling, but also at what’s going on at your firm and in the legal marketplace and business environment generally. Hot and cold areas…
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2012 Mid-Year California Hiring Outlook

The legal job market is a moving target.  Various areas of practice heat up or cool down depending upon a variety of factors including the economy in general, changes in the law (or judicial interpretation), and the growth or decline of industry in particular geographic areas.  So, what areas of practice are hot right now,…
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