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Reshaping BigLaw

The traditional law firm pyramid model is under pressure. Historically, to support partner salaries at the top, firms continually added increasing number of associates at the bottom. Every year, big law firms hired troops of new associates and assigned them to high-volume but relatively low skilled projects to gain experience. Although contract lawyers, or, in…
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Law is Big Business

Over the past 30 years or so, the practice of law transformed from a genteel profession to big business. Lawyers became profit centers; law firms grew and consolidated; technological advances sped up and commoditized the work; competition increased; loyalty between lawyers and law firms and between law firms and clients decreased; and more nonlawyer professionals…
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Spring/Summer 2010 California Lateral Update

As we move into summer, law firms continue to seek partners with multi-million dollar books of portable business and there is a slight thaw in law firm associate hiring, but we have a long way to go before there is a return to a robust lateral market at any level of seniority.  Law firm downsizing…
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