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Lawyers Leaving the Military

There’s good news and bad news for those transitioning from a military legal career to the civilian legal job market. First, the bad news: JAG recruiting websites for all branches of service state that JAG experience will make your move to a civilian legal career “seamless” or “effortless”. That’s not true. Entering the legal job…
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To Tell or Not to Tell?

Should you disclose your pregnancy or need for accommodation during the job search process? If so, when and how? Lawyers with disabilities or chronic illnesses, or who are pregnant confront similar issues during the job search process. You are not legally obligated to disclose pregnancy, illness, or disability before receiving an offer even if you…
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Lawyers on the Move

Making a geographical move along with your career move takes some planning and preparation. Candidates considering relocation, either within California or between states, should: clarify personal and professional reasons for moving to a particular geographical area; determine marketability in the target locale; if moving out of state, check into the Bar admission requirements; consider the…
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