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Zap It to Me: Submitting Your Resume Electronically

There are do’s and don’ts for emailing your resume to a recruiter or potential employer:   First of all, your resume must be error free and easy to read. Use a large, businesslike font with plenty of white space. Proofread your resume, paying special attention to names, dates, and phone numbers. Do this at least…
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Less is More: 12 Things to Leave Off Your Resume

Much is written about what goes onto a winning résumé. Equally important, however, is what to leave off of your résumé. Because you have very limited space to make the maximum impact, don’t waste valuable real estate with unnecessary information. Objective. It’s assumed you’re applying for an attorney position, so you don’t need to craft…
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Hybrids are Best: Resume Formatting

Like car engines, the hybrid combines the best of both worlds.  Once you get some legal experience under your belt, we recommend a combination functional/chronological resume format rather than a straight reverse chronology of your work experience. Format choices Chronological A chronological resume is organized by your employment history in reverse order from the present…
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Resume FAQ’s

Your resume is your advertisement, so it must make an impact. It usually is the first impression you make on a potential employer. Its job is to sell you, and get you that interview. Your resume must be written with the intended audience and its purpose in mind. The cardinal rule in resume writing is…
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