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Where Do I look for In-House Job Leads?

Just as with most career transitions in any market sector, a large percentage of in-house lawyer moves are accomplished through networking and personal referrals. While in-house hopefuls should actively network, they should not overlook other sources for possible job leads.   Outside Counsel  General counsel typically hire other in-house lawyers in the same industry whom…
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7 Reasons Legal Employers Choose SeltzerFontaine to Find Lateral Lawyers

SeltzerFontaine offers a highly experienced team of consultants focusing exclusively on the recruitment and placement of top quality lawyers with premier legal employers. We know the legal market: Our network of connections in the legal market is broad, deep, and longstanding, efficiently allowing us to find the right candidates with the background you seek.  We…
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What a Headhunter Can and Cannot Do for You

A contingency search firm gets paid only if its candidate accepts the position and stays there for a guaranteed period. Consequently, it’s in the search consultant’s best interests to ensure there’s a good fit for both their employer client and you, the candidate. To increase the likelihood of a successful placement and maximize the fee,…
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How to Get Your Head Hunted

Scenario #1: You decide to explore the legal marketplace and want a headhunter’s help. But, you’ve heard that it’s better if the recruiter calls you rather than the other way around. Scenario #2: Your colleague was happily working away when, out of the blue, she got a call from a search firm and just landed…
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