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Your Closing Argument

Making a good last impression in an interview is almost as important to making a good first impression. Obviously, if an interview starts out badly, it is very difficult to turn things around. But, assuming you have done a decent job throughout, you also want to leave with a strong finish to set you apart…
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Resume FAQ’s

Your resume is your advertisement, so it must make an impact. It usually is the first impression you make on a potential employer. Its job is to sell you, and get you that interview. Your resume must be written with the intended audience and its purpose in mind. The cardinal rule in resume writing is…
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Hop, Skip, and Jump

Gone are the days when it is assumed that an attorney will join a law firm out of school, work as an associate for a given number of years, make partner, and retire from that same firm many years later. While it has become the norm to make some moves during the course of a…
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Listen to Your Recruiter

Your legal recruiter can be an invaluable asset in your job search. The headhunter (and most of us don’t mind that term) can best help you achieve your career goals if you communicate openly and honestly, are responsive, and respect the recruiting process. The following strategies will help you get the candidate/recruiter relationship off to…
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