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Facing and Acing Panel Interviews

Rather than being intimidated by facing multiple interviewers at the same time, you can ace a panel interview with some preparation. Basically, you need to follow the rules for one-on-one interviews, but with a few tweaks. Just as with any interview, you must do your homework regarding the firm, job, and interviewers, and be prepared…
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Let’s Do Lunch!

Lunch often is an important part of the interviewing process, and must be handled properly. The lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) interview is ideally suited to reveal characteristics about the candidate not often discovered otherwise, and can be useful from the candidate's point of view for similar reasons. And, if things are going well, the…
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Interviewing Is A Two-Way Street

If done right, an interview will provide an opportunity for both the employer and the candidate to learn more about each other. Therefore, questions asked by the candidate are just as important as those asked by the employer. Besides eliciting information you need to determine whether this is the right career move given your goals,…
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Don’t Do This

With more collective years of legal recruiting experience than we wish to count, we thought we had heard everything by now, but apparently not! Occasionally, candidates surprise us with the almost unbelievable things they do in interviews--which certainly impress the interviewers, but in the WRONG WAY. You might think we are making these things up…
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