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Telephone Interview Techniques

Telephone interviews often are a make-or-break situation and must be taken as seriously as an in-person interview. They usually are used by prospective employers to screen candidates to determine whether or not to spend the time and money for a face-to-face interview. Phone interviews can be especially useful in situations where the candidate lives in…
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Do Your Homework!

Prospective employers expect you to do your homework before you set foot in their offices for your first interview. If you ask or answer questions in such a way as to reveal a lack of easily acquired information about prospective employers, they will react negatively. With the Internet, there is no excuse, since there is…
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Asked and Answered: Dangerous Interview Questions

The hidden dangers lurking in virtually any interview are those tough questions for which there seem to be no right answers but many wrong ones. When one rears its ugly head, listen carefully, determine what underlying information is being sought, and answer directly and succinctly without giving away any negative information. Attempt to sell yourself…
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Questionable Questions

Although legal employers should know better, sometimes an interviewer may ask a questionable question. In this era of heightened sensitivity to inappropriate language or actions, interviewers generally are more careful, but there may be an unintentional slip-up. When this occurs, what is the best way to handle the situation? In all instances, it is best…
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