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The “Write” Sample

A writing sample can make or break your chances of getting an offer. A candidate otherwise doing well in the interviewing process can be shot down by a poor writing sample; conversely, an excellent sample submitted by a candidate “on the fence” can tip the balance in favor of an offer. Writing samples most often…
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Don’t Forget to Say “Thank You”

Sending a thank you to your interviewers is not only polite, but also serves several strategic purposes. It reinforces the positive impression you made during your interview, emphasizes your enthusiasm for the position you seek, or provides an opportunity to correct any misunderstandings that may have occurred. A thank you message is another way to…
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Be Persistent, but Not a Pest

Beware of the fine line between appropriate follow-up and pestering. Proper follow-up communicates interest, enthusiasm, and initiative; conversely, improper follow-up communicates naivety about the recruitment process, excessive assertiveness, or even desperation. One of the most difficult aspects of job-hunting is waiting. Once you send a resume to either a recruiter or a prospective employer, allow…
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Securing Stellar References

Past performance often is the best indicator of how a candidate will perform in the future. Therefore, most prospective employers take reference checking seriously, and so should the candidate. If you plan ahead, choose your best reference sources, prepare them properly, and follow-up appropriately, you can maximize your chances of receiving those all-important stellar references.…
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