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Timing is Everything

Timing and the question of who goes first are important aspects of negotiating the compensation component of an offer for new employment.  Generally speaking, the job seeker should not offer compensation numbers and should put off discussing that information as long as possible in the interviewing process.  Information is power, so each party to the…
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The Art of Offer Negotiations

Salary negotiations start when you first walk through the door to interview with a prospective employer. Although you should not discuss compensation in an initial interview, and should try to delay those discussions as long as possible during the interviewing process, from the very first meeting you should be working on proving your value to…
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Getting a Piece of the Action

Much of the excitement of working for a high-tech start-up company lies in the possibility of hitting the jackpot when cashing in those stock options. For lawyers churning out billable hours, the attraction of that pay-off is proving irresistible. As a result, many law firms which represent emerging companies run the risk of losing their…
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Opting for Stock Options

With the NASDAQ hitting new highs almost every day, and constant news stories of overnight IPO riches, the lure of big stock options has proven almost irresistible. Attorneys are leaving law firms for corporate law departments at unprecedented rates in hopes of snagging future big bucks. Until recently, law firm lawyers would jump at the…
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