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The Bonus Question

Most major law firms pay annual associate bonuses during the months of January and February. Firms eye their competition and try to match or slightly outdo each other without giving away too much of their precious partnership profits. As each new year begins, many lawyers wonder: How much will my bonus be? Or, in tough…
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Using Gender Roles in Compensation Negotiations

Gender stereotypes and expectations play a role in negotiation, and can be used to your advantage.  This is especially true in compensation negotiations where the parties on opposite sides of the table ultimately hope to end up on the same team. Stereotypically, women see negotiation as an opportunity to build relationships or community.  Men, on the…
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What’s Negotiable?

When evaluating an offer, determine what is and is not negotiable.  Find out whether your target employer has a lock step or merit-based compensation system and where you might fall within their scheme.  Many law firms have an established base or narrow range of compensation for each class year within their associate ranks, while others…
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Equity and Beyond

Senior attorneys have further issues to consider when negotiating and evaluating offers of employment.  Achieving equity status is not necessarily the “be all and end all” of a partner-level offer.  Other, equally important issues involving your partnership rights and responsibilities and the financial health of the firm need to be addressed.  Because a lateral move…
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