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Knowledge is Power: Preparing to Negotiate Your Compensation Package

Preparation is key to effectively negotiating your compensation when either starting a new job or asking for a raise. Before negotiating, do your research to establish a reasonable salary range, know your bottom line and non-negotiables, consider alternative concessions, understand the employer’s constraints, recognize their “pain points” and your value in alleviating them. Don’t forget…
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Show Me the Money!

Money shouldn’t be the primary motive for a career move, but it’s an important factor. In a down market, lawyers have little bargaining power; but in good times, law firms compete financially for the best and the brightest. Historically, elite New York law firms led the pack in associate salary increases, and other firms struggled…
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The Bonus Question

Most major law firms pay annual associate bonuses during the months of January and February. Firms eye their competition and try to match or slightly outdo each other without giving away too much of their precious partnership profits. As each new year begins, many lawyers wonder: How much will my bonus be? Or, in tough…
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Using Gender Roles in Compensation Negotiations

Gender stereotypes and expectations play a role in negotiation, and can be used to your advantage.  This is especially true in compensation negotiations where the parties on opposite sides of the table ultimately hope to end up on the same team. Stereotypically, women see negotiation as an opportunity to build relationships or community.  Men, on the…
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