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Your Job Search is Really a Sales Job

The word “sales” makes many lawyers uncomfortable, but you’re in sales every day whether you realize it or not. You sell yourself and your expertise to your firm or company, current and potential clients, colleagues, opponents, and judges. And, when searching for a new position, you are the product you want the prospective employer to…
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Writing an Effective Business Development Plan

An effective business development plan lays out exactly how the potential lateral lawyer will advance the target firm’s strategic plan, most commonly through expanding its client base. Moreover, it demonstrates that the candidate has that “It Factor” to justify the firm’s investing the time and money necessary to complete the hire and execute the plan.…
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The Ideal In-House Candidate

The ideal candidate for an in-house legal department is somewhat different than for a law firm. Although good legal skills are mandatory, a successful in-house lawyer possesses additional business and soft skills not necessarily required for advancement in private practice.   Seniority In-house legal departments usually seek candidates who possess several years of solid law…
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The Intangible “Fit” Factor

When it comes to getting hired—or getting ahead—there’s more to it than stellar credentials and on-point experience. Those in a decision-making position must like you and feel comfortable with you. They must envision you as “one of us.” This is where intangibles come into play. Seek out similarities Potential employers are most comfortable with candidates…
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