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Is Lockstep Out of Step with the New Reality?

Most law firms, unlike other businesses, categorize associates by law school graduation year rather than level of expertise for purposes of hiring, compensation, and promotion. Until recently, the traditional lockstep model made some sense, assuming that associates who enter law practice at the same time gain like experience at similar firms. Class year designation, therefore,…
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Merger Mania and Megafirms

Consolidation of the legal market heated up over the past 10-15 years as law firms look to mergers as a strategy for growth. The push to merge or acquire is fueled by the breakup of financially weaker firms and by partners who believe their clients are better served by a larger platform.  Most of the…
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Reshaping BigLaw

The traditional law firm pyramid model is under pressure. Historically, to support partner salaries at the top, firms continually added increasing number of associates at the bottom. Every year, big law firms hired troops of new associates and assigned them to high-volume but relatively low skilled projects to gain experience. Although contract lawyers, or, in…
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Success Factors and Moneyball: Reassessing Hiring Criteria

The Great Recession sparked radical changes in the legal marketplace, including drastically reduced entry-level and junior associate hiring and the rise of core competency systems for their evaluation, compensation, and advancement. As part of this trend, there is a movement to reevaluate traditional criteria for hiring lawyers at all levels of seniority and possibly to…
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