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  • Is Your Toaster Spying on you? The Internet of Things Spawns New Law Practice Opportunities

    New technologies give rise to new opportunities for lawyers as expanding industry sectors require new regulatory schemes and implementation. The development and commercialization of emerging technologies of course involves the types of legal expertise utilized by any new business or product, but they need creative applications of the law or…

  • Turn Anxiety into Excitement for Interview Success

    Are you nervous about your upcoming job interview? Don’t try to calm down. Get excited instead. Much has been written about how to banish pre-interview jitters, but a better strategy is to use that energy to enhance your chances of success. Reframe your feelings The trick is “anxiety reappraisal,” as…

  • High on Pot Practice?

    There’s no denying it: Cannabis is big business and getting bigger. The recreational market was valued at approximately $11 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $75 billion by 2030. The legal needs of this budding industry, in an ambiguous and constantly-changing regulatory environment, provides plenty of interesting work…

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