What’s your sign?

Can employers legally discriminate based on astrological signs? In his June 2020 dissent in Bostock v Clayton County, Georgia, which extended workplace antidiscrimination protections to LGBT employees, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito mentioned astrology as a possible hiring criterion. He wrote, “Even idiosyncratic criteria are permitted; if an employer thinks that Scorpios make bad employees,…
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What Gets You Up in The Morning?

While you should be prepared to answer this question in an interview, it’s even more important to answer it in your life. Most people don’t ask themselves why they work, or even why they get up in the morning. They do it just because almost everyone else does so. Besides, they probably need to earn…
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Stop! Don’t Shake That Hand!

Ignore all the advice I’ve previously espoused regarding the importance of starting and ending each job interview with a firm handshake. Dr. Fauci says that handshaking must stop—even when this pandemic ends—and other medical and public health experts agree. When you shake another person’s hand, you have no idea where that hand has been, and…
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Working Remotely? Don’t Be Invisible!

Visibility greatly impacts career success. Being visible means not only being seen but also being included, recognized, and valued by others. Now that most lawyers are working remotely and can’t rely on developing relationships via organic, in-person interactions, you must be more creative and intentional about making your presence known. Doing good work is a…
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